Craziness or Epiphany? - Part 2

This is a continuation of the post Craziness, Epifania and the Paranormal but this time I will focus on less paranormal things, yet things that are quite incredible anyways.

Mind Tests

This post is mostly about mind tests. I still believe I was under the effects of unwillingly taken drugs when this happened and that people were telling me things to do (mentally)... but who knows, maybe I was simply having a craziness epiphany (or seisure) at home alone.

Simple tests - Basic connections

I remember people asking me if I could make or switch simple connections. For example, they asked me if I could imagine a sphere and tie that image to my hand. Everytime I moved my hand up and down, that sphere was supposed to go left and right. I did the test, it worked. I didn't need to concentrate to see that sphere moving. I knew it was not really in front of me, but it was really tied in my imagination.

Some other tests were to actually tie the horizontal movement of the hand with the vertical movement of the sphere and so on. Quite simple tests.

Other simple tests involved linking both hands, in opposite horizontal directions. That is, moving the right hand up, the left hand also went up. But moving the right hand to the right, the left hand went to the left. That made clapping hands much easier actually, as I only needed to focus on one hand and the other simply followed.

I was told that this kind of thing is actually a problem that babies solve very soon on their lives. Who never thought about moving one hand and, by accident (at least when very young) moved the wrong hand?

They (who are "they", I can't really tell) also told me those are kind of problems that some people keep all their lives, to a bigger or lesser extent.

Fortunately, I was breaking up those connections as soon as the test finished.

Important Lesson Here

The last thing I said, about breaking up those connections, is of extreme importance. Some people say that there are "no wrong connections" or that "all connections are good". Actually, it is quite the opposite. Most problems happen because the brain did the wrong connection and is having a hard time to get rid of it. Of course having all possible connections when signals can be directed only to the right neuron is good. But connecting two unrelated neurons (like the ones responsible for left and right hand) without any kind of "supervisor" is a terrible thing. That means that one hand will always follow the other, even when it shouldn't.

Intermediate tests

If the things so far look crazy... well, they are going to become even crazier.

I remember being asked if I was able to see like a dog or other animals. At the first moment that didn't make lots of sense, but when talking about the color receptors (the cones) and explaining that most animals only have two cones instead of three, I said that I could try combining the Red, Green and Blue cones (at least that's how I consider them) to see what happens.

I can tell that by doing different combinations of those, I became completely color blind to a specific color, yet the other color that got such a combination started to look brighter and have more intermediate ranges. If I connected Red, Green and Blue together, I could see only in grayscale, but I saw a LOT more levels of grayscale. It is also funny because I could make all the grayscale actually be red-scale or similar, yet keeping all the extra levels.

I was also able to simply cut one of the colors (like Red and Green only) becoming completely blind to blue without gaining any benefit in seeing the other colors.

Going further, I was asked if I could cut all the colors. At that moment, I was simply seeing a perfect dark. Not even when I am in pure dark I see a dark so perfect as I was seeing at that moment.

I was told that such a thing is what happens when people have lost the connections between the eyes and the brain. They can still remember all the images. They still have the "visual grid". But keep seeing pitch black all the time.

That was already scary, but the next test was even more scary.

"Can you cut the connection between image memory and your consciousness?"

Yes, I could. At that moment, I simply didn't remember any image. I simply didn't have that perfect black image anymore. It was like I never saw an image. I simply had the memory that I once saw something, but I couldn't remember how images looked like, nor was I considering that I was seeing in pitch black.

Somehow, it felt like my hearing, smell and touch feeling where much highened.

I was told that's how people who were born blind feel the world. And I was also told that people who lose sight and go to this point actually adapt much better to blindness than those people that keep seeing the "black grid" and remembering images.

Anyways, I tried to reconnect my vision as soon as possible, and was able to see again.

The test continued with other senses. Can you turn off your hearing?

I could... and then I needed to request a paper to write the next order I wanted them to give me so I could hear again, as the orders they spoke to me were useless (for obvious reasons).

They also told me to try to join senses. Like sound and vision and, when they played a loud music, all my vision kept jumping to white. They asked me if I could make it only attach to some color, or to a specific degree of a color, and I could. It was funny to see red become yellow when the music was too loud, while the rest of the vision was intact.

At some point, I was told that the drug they gave me is the drug they usually use to make people recover vision, hearing etc after an accident, in particular when there's an implant but that, after doing the test with me, they saw that many times no implant is needed. If the drug is strong enough and only the connections are damaged or missing (but the actual cells aren't damaged), those connections may be recreated with the right instructions under the effect of those drugs. The biggest issue is how to make people reach the right cells to force them to make new connections.


So far, I don't consider I say anything crazy. If such drugs don't exist, well... I still remember seeing more colors than usual, I was able to see as if I had four cones in the eyes, even if my eyes don't have four cones. I actually saw a different kind of magenta and it was quite funny.

Anyways, the most crazy test was to connect to somebody else's brain. Be it fake or not, I remember connecting to a lot of brains, getting overwhelmed, feeling that people were stealing my memories and, at the same time, I could feel what they felt in the past.

If that didn't happen... well, maybe I got that when they told me if I could imagine how it would be to suffer from many of those terrible accidents I saw in different movies and, for 3 seconds approximately, I felt one accident, then it stopped and I felt another one... and another... and some combined... I remember feeling all my bones break, I remember feeling a screwdriver entering my head, being burned alive and a lot of other things.

Fortunately, in the end, I was physically OK...

Yet it seems that my brain is still quite crazy with the experience.

End of this post

Well, that's all for now. Maybe later I will publish a little more about the experiences (there are still a lot of them).

Edit: Non-disclosure agreement

This may also be a fake memory, but I remember that those people also made me sign a non-disclosure agreement of all the "experiments" they were doing to me.

The problem is, they first drugged me, then they gave the order "You will agree with us. You will sign this, right?" and, of course, as I was drugged, I accepted. I really think that forcing somebody to sign a document, by using really strong drugs, makes the agreement completely void. Am I wrong?